After rustling up and enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal, the last thing anybody wants to be doing, is washing the dishes. The entire process uses up your time, resources, energy and oddly enough, your money. What every household should have, is a dishwasher. They get the job done in no time and use less cleaning agents and water. Other than squeaky clean cutlery, glasses and dishes after every wash, here’s what to consider:


The capacity of a dishwasher is measured by the number of place settings and varies between 12 / 13 / 14 place settings. You need to know how much your average dish load will be to select the perfect dishwasher. Your choice can also be affected by how often you plan to wash a full load.  Although it is ideal to use your dishwasher once a day, we recommend washing full loads, to optimise all your savings.


Water is a precious commodity as with electricity in South Africa. It is becoming a priority for everyone to use both water and electricity wisely and sparingly. What a better way to do that, than with dishwasher models loaded with efficiency and high energy ratings. We recommend dishwashers with A+, A++, or A+++ energy ratings, as they get the job done right, really quick, using just the correct amount of water and electricity. 


Choosing a dishwasher suitable for you, requires knowing the right washing programme, which depends on the state of your dishes. This then trickles down to the amount of time and water needed, as well as the ideal washing temperature. What you also need is a dishwasher with low noise levels. Find out more about the Decibel levels (dB) of the dishwashers you are interested in. The lower the dB, the quieter the machine.


Enough with meals coming out of the microwave all hot on the outside and cold on the inside. It's time for a microwave that heats up meals entirely and quickly. But, which one is perfect for you? Here are some quick tips to consider:


Capacity ranges from 20L to 55L to accommodate various needs. Also, consider the power output required. How well will it heat up various meals and meal sizes, using the least amount of time and energy? Most microwaves use around 700W to 1200W of power.


Some microwaves might come at a price, but what makes them worthwhile are all their efficiencies, capabilities and cooking functions. Most electronic models today have preset menus built in for various forms of cooking, heating up or defrosting. Manual models are generally very basic and offer only a selected number of heat settings.

Consider all your microwave needs carefully, to make that PING, a sound worth looking forward to. 


Lets keep it cool with the perfect refrigerator, start with the style and size of the fridge you want. Also consider capacity, technology and power usage. This should be determined considering your family size and how often you do your grocery shopping. There is a model in our wide range that is perfect for every household.


Models range from French doors, side-by-side doors, bottom freezers or top freezers. Pay attention to the size of the fridge and freezer compartments to make sure it suits your needs. You also need to know which one will fit best in your kitchen – measure the space first, ensuring 3cm clearance around the sides and back.

Let your next Fridge fit your décor and style; choose from white, black, metallic, stainless steel, black stainless steel or mirror doors.


Refrigerators now come with advanced technology. From no-frost fridges, to air fresh filters and fast cooling speed, fridges can now be set to ensure that everything is chilled to perfection.

Whether you’re a lover of standard fridges or a fan of side-by-side fridges with water dispensers, we have cool savings on a wide range of fridges. We guarantee you’ll find a perfect fit for your kitchen!


Clothing creates the first impression. With our wide range of washing machines you can make sure to keep it clean and confident. Here’s how to choose a washing machine best suited for your family:


Firstly, decide what type of model would best suit all your laundry needs. Depending on your washing frequency and drying ability, you also have a choice between a twin tub or a combination of a washer and a dryer? Let that spin around before you make the choice.

You also need to consider where it will be placed in your house. Whether it is designed to accommodate a front loader or top loader (Not suitable under a counter).


Some consumers prefer Top loader machines compared to their front-load counterparts, because they boast smaller cubic feet sizes, quiet operation and potential lower price points. In addition, some have greater efficiency when it comes to power and water usage. The average South African washes their clothes once every 5-6 days and choosing the right capacity washer would boost your washing efficiency with water and power savings.


Energy saver: We recommend washing machines with an A rating or higher for energy efficiency. When it comes to doing lots of small loads of laundry, or drying clothes quickly and efficiently, it’s advisable to choose a model with an high energy rating of A+, A++ or A+++. Choosing the right machine could save you money while also reducing your energy and water consumption.


Sometimes it’s not you who needs to chill, but everything else. So, whenever you need to put something on ice, we have the perfect freezer.


Freezers come in many shapes and sizes. There are 4 types of freezers to suit all your freezing requirements. The most common and economical, are the chest freezers, followed by drawer freezers, the upright freezers and then the portable freezers.


Although chest freezers does not have fans, their upward opening door and internal space make it easy to maintain sub-zero temperatures. Some models also come with glass top sliding doors, making it easier. This keeps all your contents fresh and easy to reach.


These freezers are the second most economical. Their drawer doors make it easier to categorise foods to be frozen. These freezers are made with cabinet features which make them fit in almost anywhere in your kitchen.


When you’re looking to access your frozen food quickly and easily, then these freezers are what you’re looking for. No need to, bend down, rummaging through frozen food. The shelving and easy access, allow you to find what you’re looking for.


If you are ever in need of the perfect travel companion, then you need a portable freezer. They use AC or DC power, or both. Some of these freezers could run off your car’s electrical system without drawing too much power keeping all your food and drinks fresh and cold whenever you need to take little pitstops on your journey.


We are here to take out the fluff when it comes to buying a tumble dryer. Let’s spin around some facts you need to know before your next purchase:


The type of tumble dryer you need depends on your regular laundry capacity and drying frequency. There are 3 types of dryers available: vented, heat pump and condenser dryers.


Like the name says, these dryers remove moisture from your clothes and feeds it out a vent, a hose will need to be installed for this. We recommend the installation to be performed by a qualified technician. These models are the cheapest, but are the least energy efficient.


 Again, the name says it all. These dryers use less energy, while still getting clothes sanitised and dried, with hardly any lint on display. 


A condenser dryer cleverly recycles water vapour from inside the dryer and removes it to cut back on energy consumption. This saves costs by considerably reducing the energy used for drying. Because of their efficiency, saving capabilities and high quality washing features, Condenser models tend to be the most expensive.


We recommend dryers with an A rating or higher for energy efficiency. Choosing the right dryer could save you money while also reducing your energy consumption.


Here’s the plug in on all the information you need before you buy your next Oven set

Single ovens usually measure between 60cm and 90cm, which is a great choice for smaller spaces.

Static models have top and bottom elements, and are generally cheaper. Thermofan or multifunctional units are more expensive but have more features.

Most modern ovens will also have a self-cleaning function which takes less effort to keep in a good condition.

There are also several types of counter top hobs to choose from, including: solid plate, glass top (Ceramic), gas and induction.

And, to top it all off, Cooker hoods or extractor fans are not only a great aesthetic finish but helps by extracting steam / moisture and odours while cooking. Keeping the kitchen a great place to create meal masterpieces.


Flexibility and cooking options are common and crucial considerations when buying a new stove. Consider whether you want gas, electric or a combination of both.

Manufacturers provide plates which can vary in size, capacity, and material (e.g. induction, ceramic, cooking zones). It all boils down to how much you can afford, how you normally use your stove (how often you cook, and the kinds of dishes you create), how it fits in your kitchen and if it complements your general décor and style.  

Full electric models are the most popular, electric top and electric oven configuration and require installation. With certain entry models you have the opton of buying a plug-in unit. You will, however, be restricted when using the top elements and bottom rack of the stove at the same time.

Units that are becoming more popular are gas top units with electric multifunction ovens. This is mainly due to the cost of electricity and our bursts of load shedding for long periods of time.

Oven capacity on most models can vary from 58L up to 119L. So, depending on the size of your family and what you are cooking, the perfect oven size and frequency of use, will need to be taken into consideration.

Don’t let your decision simmer speak to one of our friendly sales consultants to find the perfect freestanding stove that will fill your friends and family’s hearts and tummies.