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Trade Professional 6000 4S 5.5KW 13HP 6.8KVA Petrol Generator Set

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  • Recoil/ electric (full) start
  • Fuel capacity : 25L
  • Air cooled
  • Continuous operation time; +-8H
  • ( On full fuel tank)
  • 4 Stroke cylinder (unleaded fuel)
  • 2 Year warranty
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Trade Professional 6000 4S 5.5KW 13HP 6.8KVA Petrol Generator Set

Trade Professional 6000 4S 5.5KW 13HP 6.8KVA Petrol Generator Set

The Trade professional 6000 4s 5.5kw 13hp 6.8kva petrol generator set is well-suited for users needing reliable, extended power supply capabilities in varying environments, particularly where higher power demands are common. It’s a good fit for maintaining productivity on job sites or ensuring comfort and utility in residential settings during extended power outages. 

5500W Portable Generator: Provides a substantial 5500 watts of power, making it capable of handling larger appliances and power tools, which is ideal for both home and site usage. It's powerful enough to support items such as air conditioners, large refrigerators, and heavy-duty power tools.

4 Stroke Single Cylinder Engine: The four-stroke engine offers cleaner emissions and better fuel efficiency compared to two-stroke engines. A single cylinder design tends to be simpler and potentially more durable, though it might run less smoothly compared to multi-cylinder configurations.

Uses Unleaded Petrol: This is a common fuel choice for generators, providing convenience in fueling and ensuring that the generator can be easily refueled at any service station.

Electric Start: Provides ease of operation with simple turn-key operation to start the generator, a significant convenience over purely manual recoil start systems.

Non-contact Transistor Ignition (TCI): This type of ignition system is generally more reliable and requires less maintenance than traditional mechanical contact point ignition systems. It helps in providing stable ignition for the engine.

25L Fuel Tank Runs for 10 Hours: A large fuel tank capacity allows for extended running times, up to 10 hours at a stretch, depending on load and conditions. This is particularly beneficial for longer workdays on site without the need for frequent refueling.

Recoil Manual Start: In addition to the electric start, having a manual recoil start provides a backup method for starting the generator. This is useful in cases where the electric start might not function due to battery issues or other electrical faults.

For Domestic to Site Use: Indicates the generator's versatility in both home and construction settings. Its power output and robust design make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including running large appliances during power outages at home or powering equipment at construction sites.




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