Safe and Happy Shopping with HiFi Corp

The COVID-19 pandemic has inarguably changed the way we shop. As a result of the countrywide lockdown, we’ve seen unavoidable effects on how people do their shopping adapting to the pandemic – from practicing social distancing, using personal protective equipment while shopping and reducing the amount of time spent in physical stores, these effects will be felt for a long time.

HiFi Corp, put measures in place making your shopping experience as pleasurable as possible. Our staff are required to wear personal protective equipment at all times while in the store. On arriving you will be welcomed into the store with a hand sanitizer spray to protect yourself. The stores are demarcated with 1.5m distances between customers standing in lines to adhere to social distancing. Our staff take the utmost care to wipe down all surfaces, frequently touched displays and pay points ensuring we keep the area as hygienically clean as possible. Masks are obligatory.

Not a fan of going to the store? With over 7000 products online, we make shopping our wide range of products quick and easy to shop from the convenience of your home. We’re happy to say that our quick and easy payment options don’t only ensure you get your product in no time but we also have a safe and secure shopping experience that secures your account information. Registering an account makes your shopping experience a whole lot easier. When you register your account, your information is kept safe and secured so you don’t have to re-enter it during your visit or the next time you shop making your future payments faster!

Lay-by and Credit purchases however will have to be completed in-store . Browse our wide range of products and make sure to ask our friendly staff for assistance for a quick and convenient shopping experience.

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