Ryobi 1200W 4-Stroke Pull-Start Generator RG-1200

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  • Built-in see through fuel gauge
  • Delivers 1Kw Of power
  • 7.5L fuel tank delivers over 7 hours
  • Manual start for ease of operation
  • Forced air cooled
  • Rated voltage: 230 volts
  • Built-in overload current protection
  • 2 year warranty
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Ryobi 1200W 4-Stroke Pull-Start Generator RG-1200

Ryobi 1200W 4-Stroke Pull-Start Generator RG-1200

The Ryobi RG-1200 generator is designed for users who need a reliable source of portable power for low to medium-intensity applications. It's particularly well-suited for small home projects, outdoor parties, or as a backup during minor power outages. While it doesn't offer some of the conveniences of larger or more advanced models, such as electric start or multiple power outlets, its robust construction and safety features make it a practical choice for its intended uses.

Powerful 95cc 4-stroke Petrol Engine: This engine size is typical for small generators, providing a good balance between power output and fuel efficiency. The 4-stroke design means it operates more quietly and efficiently than a 2-stroke engine, and it also emits fewer pollutants.

1 kW Power Output: Delivers 1 kW of power, suitable for powering light to medium devices such as lights, fans, small tools, and other electronics. It's not intended for heavy-duty appliances like large refrigerators or air conditioners but is adequate for basic emergency or recreational use.

7.5L Fuel Tank: The relatively large fuel tank for a generator of this size offers up to 7 hours of continuous run time, assuming full capacity and optimal operating conditions. This can be particularly beneficial during extended power outages or long outdoor activities.

Manual Start (Recoil Pull Start): Features a manual recoil start system, which is reliable and straightforward. This system requires physical effort to start the engine by pulling a cord, which can be seen as a drawback for those preferring more convenient electric start options.

Built-in Overload Current Protection: This safety feature helps to protect the generator and connected appliances from damage caused by an overload in power demand. It ensures efficient power delivery and enhances the durability of both the generator and the electrical devices plugged into it.

Built-in See Through Fuel Gauge: Allows for easy monitoring of the fuel level, which is highly convenient for managing usage and planning refueling, ensuring you don’t run out of gas unexpectedly.

Engine Specifications:

Type: 95cc Vertical OHV (Overhead Valve), single cylinder, and forced air cooled. This design enhances engine efficiency and reliability.

Compression Ratio: 8:1, indicating the engine’s specific compression level, which affects performance and fuel efficiency.

Fuel: Runs on unleaded petrol, which is readily available and safe to use.

Rated Voltage: Provides a standard 230 V, which is typical for household appliances in many countries, making it a versatile choice for travel and home backup power in these regions.




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