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Restonic Bali 152cm (Queen) Medium Bed Set Standard Length

Restonic Bali 152cm (Queen) Medium Bed Set Standard Length

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  • Never Turn Technology 
  • Marvelous Middle Technology
  • Poly-Wool Technology
  • 720 Coil Dual Spring System
  • Pillow Top
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Restonic Bali Medium Bed

Marvelous Middle Technology:

This patented technology by Restonic is a game-changer. By concentrating support on the center third of the mattress where the body exerts the most pressure, it ensures optimal spinal alignment and reduced pressure points, contributing to a more comfortable sleep experience.

Double Spring Unit:

The inclusion of a double spring unit indicates a sturdy and durable support system. This feature not only enhances the mattress's overall stability but also helps in evenly distributing weight across the surface, offering balanced support.

CASA Approval:

Endorsement from the Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA) is a significant endorsement. It serves as a mark of quality, assuring customers that the mattress has undergone scrutiny and meets specific standards for promoting spinal health and proper back support.

The Restonic Bali Medium Bed's combination of cutting-edge Marvelous Middle Technology, a robust double spring unit, and the recognition from CASA make it a compelling choice for individuals seeking a mattress that prioritizes support, comfort, and long-term durability.