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RCT Megapower 1KVA/1000W Inverter Trolley With 1 X 100AH Battery

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  • 1000W capacity:, 220 VAC output voltage
  • Build in 360W solar charger
  • Pure sine wave AC
  • 5VDC USB output
  • Overcharge protection
  • Charge from mains
  • 1 year warranty on trolley
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RCT Megapower 1KVA/1000W Inverter Trolley With 1 X 100AH Battery

Important Note:  This product is fitted with batteries that are rated for 150-200 use cycles (charges & discharges). It is also advised that batteries are fully charged before the next use cycle, which can take up to 12 hours. Batteries should never be depleted below 50% of their capacity during a use cycle. This product is ideal for stage 1 & stage 2-load shedding. During constant stage 4 - 6 load shedding, battery performance may decrease within a few months so it is advisable to keep the product switched off during this heavy load shedding periods, as a full recharge is not possible to achieve.
Please consider products with Lithium batteries that offer 2000+ use cycles and can be fully depleted during every use.

Batteries are not covered by the product warranty.

The RCT Megapower 1KVA/1000W Inverter Trolley with 1 x 100AH Battery is a reliable solution for providing backup power during load shedding and power outages. Featuring a pure sine wave output, it ensures compatibility with sensitive electronics and motorized loads, delivering stable and clean power. With microprocessor control and input power factor correction, the inverter optimizes reliability and efficiency.

Equipped with a built-in MPPT solar charger, the inverter allows for efficient utilization of solar power, reducing dependency on the grid. It also features USB and DC outputs for charging devices, making it versatile for various applications.

The comprehensive display panel provides easy monitoring and access to UPS status, while the battery cut-off switch enhances safety during operation. The inverter comes pre-installed with a 100AH deep cycle VRLA gel battery, offering convenience and peace of mind.

With a compact and portable design, the inverter trolley is easy to move around and ideal for both residential and commercial use. It includes multiple output ports and interfaces for added convenience, along with a sturdy construction for durability.

Please note the importance of proper battery maintenance and the limitations of the included batteries, as mentioned in the product description. Overall, the RCT Megapower inverter trolley offers reliable backup power with efficient performance for various applications.