Media Box Review

Media Box Review

by Hifi Corp 28 June 2019

With the rise of streaming media, a media box might just be what you need to have all your entertainment needs in one device. Gone are the days of traditional TV, where all you needed was an aerial or decoder to get your entertainment fix. Now we have streaming services like Netflix and Showmax taking over the market and redefining the way we do entertainment. This sometimes means having to use a PC or laptop to stream, a regular TV for your decoder  needs, or getting a smart TV in order to access both, which means spending more. Media box allows you to access all your content in one place.


The media box combines the functionality of a regular TV, with the modern needs catered to by a smart TV. In their own words, "Mediabox is the easiest way to watch both on-demand and live TV over the internet. We have taken the hassle out of watching your favourite service by pre-installing all the available content providers in your region as well as international favourites. This means simply switch on a Mediabox and login to the provider of your choice."


More than just a viewing service, the sound quality is also quite impressive. The box comes with Dolby's crystal-clear Audio, offering surroundsound on both speakers and earphones, helping you hear dialogue loud and clear. The audio is also optimized to work for whatever yourcontent or sound equipment, providing great quality throughout.


In terms of hardware support, the media box offers full Connectivity with 2×2 WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB and MicroSD ports on the device. This little box also won’t look out of place next to your screen in your lounge as it's quite compact.


The media box will set you back between R1000 and R2000, depending on which brand you choose. The MyGica ATV495X media box is the cheapest, and if you have a bigger budget, then the Xiaomi Mi TV Box and Mygica ATV495Max are worth considering. Overall, this is a worthwhile purchase if you're looking to make your regular TV smarter without the expense of investing in a smart TV.

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