Kit Your Dorm

by Hifi Corp 30 January 2020

It's your first year at varsity. You're excited but nervous. You're ready for new challenges but you're also dreading that first day in class. You're also nervous to move into your dorm. New friends, new people, a new environment, and packs of two-minute noodles await you! We can help you adjust to life as a varsity student with everything you need to kit out your dorm.

Here are 5 things every varsity student will need:

Something To Cook With

Repeat after us, "I cannot live off of fast food." Look, there is nothing wrong with the occasional pizza or burger, but most days you will need to make your own food. It will also be friendlier on your budget!

The Salton 30lt Mini Kitchen is the perfect appliance for your dorm. The 30lt oven capacity and 2 solid hotplates provide you with a quick, efficient cooking solution. It even comes with free recipes inside, so whether it's grilling your meats, cooking your rice, our using the oven, your cooking is covered!

Something to Clean Your Dorm

Mom and dad won't be there to clean up after you - we know right? Luckily we have a product that will make cleaning your entire dorm a breeze!


The all-new and improved Bennett Read AeroVac delivers powerful performance in a lightweight convertible package. With a 600W motor and cyclonic air filtration, the Bennett Read AeroVac will have your dorm clean in no time!  Need to get in between those couch seats? The quick-release handle is easily removed, converting the Bennett Read AeroVac into a hand vacuum.


Something To Keep Your Food & Drinks Fresh

We've already discussed why you should rather cook your own meals. Now, you will need to store your food and drinks. You probably don't have the budget or space for a big refrigerator, but the Hisense 60lt Bar Fridge will do! This small, convenient and stylish stainless steel bar fridge comes with a mini freezer compartment for your frozen foods. This lightweight fridge is convenient to put on top of something and actually anywhere.


Something To Start Your Day Off With A Boost

You are going to be a busy person this year! Classes, social commitments, and all those hours studying. You are going to need a cup of coffee, or two, to get you through the day. The Sansui 1.7lt Cordless Kettle is an affordable option. If you are able to spend a little more, we would suggest the Sansui 12 Cup Coffee Maker for delicious cups of strong coffee!


Something To Help You Look Good


Again, mom and dad won't be there to help you look after yourself. This is a good thing! You are going to interact with people every day, a lot of people that is! You are going to have to make sure you look good for the class and all those social commitments. The Pineware 1400W Steam Iron is an affordable option for students looking to keep their clothes crinkle-free. You will need an ironing board too, so get the Jost Steel Wire Ironing Board while you're at it.


And there it is! Everything you need to kit out your dorm and to make sure your first year at varsity is as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

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