Goldair 2PC Retro B.Fast Pack GRBS-200

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  • Goldair 2 piece breakfast pack
  • 1,7L cordless kettle
  • 360 rotational base
  • Temperature gauge
  • Stainless steel housing
  • 2 slice toaster
  • 6 variable browning settings
  • Defrost / reheat functions
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Goldair 2PC Retro B.Fast Pack GRBS-200

Goldair 2 Piece Retro Breakfast Pack

The Goldair 2 Piece Retro Breakfast Set (GRBS-200) consisting of the GRBS-200K Cordless Kettle and the GRBS-200T 2 Slice Toaster offers a blend of style, convenience, and functionality for your kitchen. Each piece is designed not only to look good with a retro aesthetic but also to perform its function effectively. The set combines aesthetic appeal with functional excellence, making your morning routine smoother and more enjoyable. Whether you’re a toast enthusiast or a tea aficionado, this set is designed to meet your breakfast needs with a touch of retro style.

Goldair 1.7L Cordless Kettle (GRBS-200K)

360 Degree Rotational Base: Offers convenience by allowing you to place the kettle back on its base from any angle. This is especially useful in busy kitchens or when used by multiple people with different dominant hands.

Temperature Gauge: A somewhat rare but highly appreciated feature on kettles, letting you gauge the water temperature. This is perfect for tea and coffee aficionados who know that certain brews taste best when water is at a specific temperature.

Stainless Steel Housing: Gives the kettle a sleek, durable exterior that's not just about looks; it also enhances the kettle’s durability and resistance to rust and scale.

Concealed Heating Element: Helps in easier cleaning and descaling, and usually allows for more efficient boiling of water, which can slightly reduce energy consumption over time.

Indicator Light: A simple yet essential feature that shows you at a glance whether the kettle is on, adding a layer of safety and convenience.

Removable Filter: Essential for areas with hard water, this feature allows you to easily clean the filter, ensuring your hot drinks are free from limescale and other deposits.

Power Specifications: At 230V, 50Hz, and 2000W, this kettle is designed for rapid boiling, reducing the wait time for your morning tea or coffee.


Goldair 2 Slice Toaster (GRBS-200T)

6 Variable Browning Controls: Offers versatility, allowing everyone in the household to get their toast just the way they like it, from lightly golden to deeply browned.

Cancel Function: Lets you stop the toasting process at any moment, giving you control and preventing burnt toast.

Removable Crumb Tray: Makes cleaning easy, as it catches all the crumbs that fall during the toasting process. You can simply slide it out and empty it, keeping your kitchen tidy.

Defrost/Reheat Function: Adds convenience by allowing you to defrost frozen bread or reheat toast without burning it, making this toaster versatile beyond just toasting fresh bread.

Auto Pop-up: Automatically ejects the toast when it’s done, preventing overheating and the risk of burning.

Adjusts to Bread Thickness: This feature ensures even toasting no matter the thickness of your bread, from thin slices to thicker artisanal breads.

Power Specifications: With a 230V, 50Hz, and 1000W rating, it's designed for efficient toasting, providing quick and consistent results without using excessive energy.





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