Get Involved and #DoMore!

For as little as R1, you can make a big difference and help provide vulnerable families across South Africa with meals. HiFiCorp has partnered with the Do More Foundation to help impact and uplift the life of a young child, families and our communities. Through projects directed at food security, youth development, economic development as well as specific early childhood development initiatives, we can all lay a helping hand and play our part in making the lives of those less fortunate better.

#DoMore for young children

The first few years are the most important in a child’s life. 1 in 4 children will perform poorly in school, be unlikely to complete high school and join the ranks of unemployment due to South Africa’ high rate of stunting. If we want to stop the cycle of poverty and give children the future they deserve, we need to #DoMore to ensure they have access to proper nutrition and other essential services.

#DoMore to ease hunger

Food insecurity is a daily reality for communities in South Africa. With at least two million people surviving on only one meal a day. To ensure that the impact of food insecurity is averted, our efforts need to have a sustainable impact and #DoMore through community-based food gardens and the provision of healthy snacks to children in at-risk areas.

#DoMore to support youth

With over 70% of the unemployed being youth, South Africa is facing a crisis with regard to supporting youth. We have therefore directed our efforts toward the creation of economic opportunities and skills development for the youth. We believe that through job creation, training and skills development we can #DoMore and empower South Africa’s youth.

Get involved and #DoMore! Donate any amount on your next HiFiCorp purchase and help the Do More Foundation provide meals to vulnerable children & families.