Fun things to do during easter

By Hifi Corp 31 March 2020

Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs or tech delight? There’s something for everyone to look forward to during the Easter Holidays – whether you prefer being indoors with the family or outdoors revelling in the spirit of all things Easter we have the perfect fix up to make sure your Easter time out is a memorable one.

We all know that holiday time is synonymous with family huddling around the dinner table for big hearty meals. There might be some traditional recipes you’ve been dying to try out or even add an updated spin to your family’s secret dishes! We have the perfect home kitchen appliances that’ll add more zing to your dishes. With the Taurus Hand Mixer’s 5-speed and turbo function, you can whip up your hot cross bun mix in no time and toss it in the Univa 600 Eye Level Oven for a quick and easy bake! If you dread slaving over the stove

Who said you can’t blast your favourite tunes while dedicating much-needed time to the holiday? Now, imagine singing along to your tunes while the whole family echoes harmonious backing vocals. JBL’s Party Box 300 Bluetooth Speaker mic and guitar inputs will definitely give you the urge to whip out your best performance with added flair courtesy of the light effects.

What’s Easter without a little eggcitement? Before setting up the Easter egg hunt for the little ones, make sure your eggs are crack-free with the help of the Sunbeam SS Egg Boiler + Poacher and let your imagination soar as you paint the eggs with all sorts of colours before placing them in their secret locations. Sadly, no one wants to eat hard-boiled eggs covered in paint. Nonetheless, you can switch it up by making delicious chocolate fondues with ease with the Bennett Read 8-IN-1 Gourmet Chef – adding some chocolatey fun for the whole family!


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