3. Returns

Return of purchases Refunds are deposited directly into your credit card or bank account. This process may take up to 10 to 30 days. Refunds processing time frame will only be commenced from time of goods received.

3.1 Purchases may be returned or exchanged at any HiFi Corp store subject to submission of the original receipt, and that the merchandise is in its original packaging and condition. In line with the CPA a handling fee of up to 15% of the value of the product may be charged when the product/packaging is not returned in its original purchase condition

3.2. Non-returnable/ non-refundable items:

3.2.1 Delivery and or installation costs

3.2.2 Pre-paid cards

3.2.3 Digital content

3.2.4 Any damaged or abused items

3.2.5. Faulty/defective products after 14 days: (excluding all panel televisions larger than 32” (plasma LCD & LED) as well as all Large appliances)

3.3 In the unfortunate event that your purchased product becomes faulty/ defective, you may opt to have it taken to any HiFi Corp. You will be entitled to the following option of as per the CPA (after goods has been inspected and assessed):

3.3.1 Have such product repaired

3.3.2 Have product replaced

3.3.3 Be refunded the price paid In the event that the product is found to be not faulty, you will be liable for all handling and shipping charges; for the collection and the re-delivery of the product to you. You will be liable if the goods are damaged or faulty as a result of misuse, abuse or negligence

3.4 The warranty does not cover any defects caused by foreign objects /connection errors that are not part of the appliance, including but not limited to;

3.4.1 Use other than domestic use by the customer or his/her immediate resident family at the declared addresses appearing on the front of this document;

3.4.2 Failure by the customer or any other person to comply with the manufacturers’ instructions for installation, maintenance or use;

3.4.3 The use of accessories which have not been approved by the manufacturer;

3.4.4 The application and/or use of any incorrect or abnormal electrical or water supply to the appliance;

3.4.5 Any defect in wiring, electrical connections or plumbing which does not form part of the appliance at the time of the original purchase;

3.4.6 The presence in the appliance of objects which the appliance is not intended to cope with, such as hairpins, coins and buttons in washing machines, hot food in fridges and chewing gum and wax crayons in tumble dryers;

3.4.7 Neglect, misuse, or willful abuse of the appliance;

3.4.8 Anything related to the appearance of the appliance which does not in HiFi Corp sole opinion prevent the appliance from working adequately: this includes but is not limited to cosmetic and manufacturers’ defects such as: discoloring of any part of the appliance, paint peeling off, cracked or broken handles, plates, hinges, wheels, panels, shelves or any portion of the product which is glass; Rust or the effects of rust; Repairs or attempted repairs of the appliance by any person other than HiFi Corp or its authorized repairers; Any modification of the appliance by any person other than HiFi Corp or its authorized repairers; Parts or items of the appliance which are expected to wear out before the extended warranty period expires, including but not limited to, batteries, filters, disposable bags, rubber or plastic hose pipes, drive or fan belts, fuses and/or light bulbs cartridges, toners or ribbons;

3.4.9 Fire, food, war, civil disturbance, industrial action, acts of God or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of the HiFi Corp;

3.4.10 Any defect arising out of the design of the appliance;

3.4.11 Any defect caused by lightning strike or power surges;

3.4.12 Blown or damaged speakers arising from misuse;

3.4.13 Any damage caused due to the use of generic or re-filled cartridges;

3.4.14 Any loss or destruction of, or any damage to any property whatsoever, or any loss expense whatsoever arising there from, or any consequential loss or any liability of whatsoever nature directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to, by or arising from ionizing, radiation, or contamination by radio activity from any nuclear fuel or any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel. Combustion shall include any self-sustain process of nuclear fission, or any loss, destruction, damage or disability directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to, by or arising from nuclear weapons material.

3.4.15 In the case of cameras, the warranty does not apply to any accessories, batteries, charges, attachable lenses or additions which do not constitute the main body of the camera. In the case of TV’s; Hi-Fi’s; VCR’s or DVD’s – remotes are not covered.

3.4.16 In addition, HiFi Corp will not be liable for the costs of;

3.16.1 Maintenance, including cleaning, clearing of blockages and overhaul, insect infestation or paper jams;

3.16.2 Work covered by the manufacturers’ recall of the appliance;

3.16.3 Call out charges where the breakdown is not covered by the extended warranty;

3.16.4 And material or labor which is recoverable from the manufacturer or any person who may be held responsible in terms of any other guarantee or warranty.

 3.17 HiFi Corp will not in any circumstances be liable for any consequential loss or damages suffered by the customer whether directly or indirectly related defect in the appliance to the extent permissible by law.

 3.18 Repairs may not be affected without prior authorization from HiFi Corp. In the case of an authorised repairer being called out for a fault covered by the warranty, the supplier shall pay the repairer for all labor and materials supplied in terms of the warranty, while the customer shall be liable to pay the repairer all other charges, including but not limited to the call out charge should no defect be found in the appliance.

The repair will be carried out in terms of the warranty within a radius of sixty kilometers from the appointed service agent’s premises. Should the repairer be required to travel beyond this radius, the customer will be charged at the prevailing AA rate per kilometer.

 HiFi Corp’s authorised repairers reserve the right not to do house calls in areas where their personal safety may be at risk.

 3.19 Warranty does not cover computer software.


8. Delivery

Free Delivery:

8.1.Free delivery option includes all online orders, including but not limited to Large Appliances, TV’s and Component Audio Systems. Free delivery applies to online deliveries only and will not   be available in-stores. Our free delivery promotion/option is only valid for all online orders within the borders of South Africa.

8.2. Delivery: Important to note

8.3. HiFi Corp delivers within the borders of South Africa only.

8.4. Deliveries are door to door and must be a physical address within the borders of South Africa and not a Post Box We do not deliver to any postal addresses i.e. deliver to a post box or to any post offices. Please ensure all delivery details including the postal code are accurate, as you will be liable for all additional handling and shipping charges as a result of such errors. Please also ensure that someone is available to sign for and receive your goods at the time of delivery. It will be deemed that you as the purchaser assign without prejudice and without a proxy to a party other than yourself to sign for your goods at your specified and confirmed delivery address should you be or not be present at time of delivery.

8.5. You accept that HiFi Corp does not have to prove that you personally received the delivery of such goods. You agree that we would only be required to prove that someone not necessarily yourself signed for the goods at your specified and confirmed delivery address. Although we monitor every purchase order to ensure your package is delivered.

8.6. Should you have not received your delivery of goods after 24 hours of the expired delivery period you would need to contact us within a maximum of 48 hours. Should you fail to notify us of none delivery within the given period you agree that it would be deemed that you received the purchased goods.

8.7. Delivery of products purchase through the online store is subject to the geographical delivery framework as determined by our courier partner. Should your delivery address fall into one of these categories, you will be liable for any additional costs incurred in delivery, storage and or returning the parcel. (Category list as follows; plots, farms, mines, military bases, major chain stores, power stations, game reserves and lodges and harbors)

Failed delivery:

8.8. We will notify you of a failed delivery i.e.: whereby no one was at the specified delivery address to receive and sign for the goods at the time of delivery. We will endeavor to reschedule the delivery with you within 24 – 48 hours; however you may be liable if any additional handling and shipping charges are incurred for a re-delivery.

8.9. Goods shipped in error /Incorrect goods delivered:

8.10. In the unfortunate event that you receive a delivery whereby the goods and or its quantity delivered to you does not match your products and it’s quantity as per your waybill/purchase order, you agree to notify us immediately upon receipt of such delivery on 0860 459 459 or via mail hifionline@jdg.co.za ,to have the incorrect goods collected and the correct goods delivered to you.

8.11. Damaged Goods delivered:

8.12. Please notify us within 24 hours of receipt of delivery on hificorpcustomercare@jdg.co.za or 0860 495 495, in the regrettable event that you receive a damaged product. We will do our utmost best to have the damaged product collected and a new product delivered to you within a maximum of 48hours (weekdays only).

Price of delivery:

8.13. Delivery prices differ and are determined by the following:

8.14. Location within major centers or Outlaying Delivery Areas

8.15. Weight and Dimensions of total purchase order

8.16. In the instance of special delivery deals the price of product or total purchase order value could

8.17. determine the delivery rate.

8.18. The price of your delivery is calculated automatically and will be displayed prior to the payment

8.19. process, in the shopping cart and at checkout.

8.20. Delivery Periods important to note:

Delivery service time frame will commence upon payments confirmation being received (unless supporting documents are requested i.e. in the case of the verification of TV License, a copy of an I.D will be requested), hence delivery timeframe will commence upon confirmation and verification of such supporting documents where applicable.

Delivery periods will generally be effected within the selected delivery type timeframe, after collection from point of dispatch and between Major Centers from Monday to Fridays.

We deliver on Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 17h00 to both business and residential addresses. No deliveries on a Saturday and Sunday and any Public Holiday. ID may be requested upon delivery. Major centers include any destination within a 40km radius of the following cities: Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, George, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Nelspruit. Delivery outside main centers is usually within 3 working days. The following areas may experience delays due to airline constraints: George, Nelspruit, Richards Bay, Polokwane and Welkom.

We offer the following types of delivery options (Online only):

8.21. 2 to 5 Day Delivery:

This service is available throughout South Africa and delivery will be effected within 24 to 72 hours, (Monday to Friday , excludes weekends and public holidays) on condition that your order is placed and payment as well as your order confirmation is received before 12h00. Certain Outlaying Delivery Areas routes and major centers may experience a 24-hour delay on shipments to or from any Outlaying Delivery Areas.

8.22. Free Delivery:

This service is available for purchases within a 25km radius calculated from your closest HiFi Corp store throughout South Africa to Major Centres and will be affected within 3 to 5 working days, (Monday to Friday , excludes weekends and public holidays). Should your delivery point be more than 25km from your closest HiFi Corp store you will be required to conduct a payment for the delivery fee that you will be quoted for after the placing of your order. Failure to accept the delivery charge will result in your order being cancelled and any payments made by yourself to HiFi Corp will be refunded to you

A delay of up to 24 hours may be experienced on shipments to or from any Outlaying Delivery Areas