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Defy is a proudly South African brand, celebrating 115 years of proud innovation and believing in better for many households across the country. From refrigeration and cooking to laundry and dishwashing, their brand shapers are some of the market’s most energy-efficient, high-quality and technologically advanced appliances available.


Defy takes freshness even further with their all-new, innovative NatureLight™ Technology. This is a unique 3 colour light design that mimics the sun’s natural photosynthesis cycle inside the fridge’s crisper drawer to preserve the vitamins found in your fruit and vegetables for longer.


If you’re looking for delicious cooking done faster, Defy’s Thermofan+™ Technology creates ultra-efficient heat circulation which optimises the cooking time while simultaneously enhancing the succulence and flavour of every meal.


When talking optimum hygiene, Defy’s SteamCure™ Technology works to lift dirt for better cleaning and easier ironing. Plus, this range is the most energy-efficient on the market.


Last but not least Defy’s CornerWash™ Technology uses a specialised elliptical three spray arm and specially designed nozzles at the bottom of the machine that spins at different angles, allowing water and detergent to reach every corner allowing for spotless perfection every time.