4 Must-Have Phone Accessories

by Hifi Corp 28 June 2019

Power Bank - convenient charging on the go is now possible thanks to power banks. These come in a variety of sizes, from the 2000mAh, which is useful for that much-needed boost to your battery. For even longer charging time, between 10 000mAh and 20 000mAh is optimum. You can get up to 5 full charges on these ones, perfect for a road trip or off the grid travel.             

Phone Case - besides functionality and protection for your device, phone cases can also be a colorful and playful addition to personalizing your phone. You can choose a simple clear cover, a coloured cover, or go further and get a fun themed one, depending on your tastes.

Phone Holder - for car owners whose cars don't have the phone compatibility function, a phone holder is not only a safe option to have for placing your phone in the car, it also provides quick access, minimizing distractions so you can keep your eye on the road. For bikers (motorcycle and bicycle), the Stroke Series bike mount allows you to keep your full focus on the road while keeping an eye on your phone.

Screen/Glass Guard - accidents happen, and cracking your screen can prove to be a rather expensive mishap. Enter screen/glass guards, a much-needed invention. These protect your screen from scratches and can prevent glass cracks. They are also cheaper to replace than the actual screen glass, ranging from R99 to R299.

An honorable mention goes to chargers and earphones. These usually come standard with your phone but can be soeasy to misplace or lose to a loved one. Earphone nabbers, we see you. With chargers, a replacement cable issometimesnecessary, iPhone users, don't scroll past. You could also diversify and get a 3-in-1charger to share or use for your different devices. While some cars usually come with a USB port for playing media or charging your phone, investing in a car charger is a must. You can even go further and get a dual USB car charger, yes, all the people in the car matter.

Another nice to have is a smartphone watch. Most of them, unless manufacturer specific like the Samsung Galaxy watches, are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You only need to syncyour mobile needs to this snazzy gadget and simplify your life.


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