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Know Your Types of Television


We’re living in the Golden Age of Television. 2019 is a big year for television. Not only is Winter Coming, but two big sporting events will be of interest for South Africans.


With so much going on in terms of entertainment, it’s important that you know which TV to buy. This can be a frustrating experience with all the formats, acronyms and jargon. If this is what you experiencing, then read on…



1. LCD


Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) television sets are thin displays, also used in laptop screens. This is a special flat pane; that either blocks light, or allows it to pass. Each segment of the panel is filled with liquid crystals, where the colour and transparency can be change by increasing/decreasing the electric current. External light sources, like fluorescent bulbs. Are often needed as LCD crystals don’t produce light on their own.


2. LED


LED TV’s are the updated version of the LCD generation. They make use of similar technology, but are lit by Light Emitting Diodes instead of the fluorescent bulbs. Although it’s not the highest quality image available, this is the most popular TV format due to its cost, size, and versatility.


On a budget? The Diamond 28-inch (71cm) HD LED TV provides accurate colour balance, wide screen picture, and excellent brighter picture quality. If you don’t mind spending a little more, go for the Sansui 50-inch (127cm) Smart Full HD LED TV.




Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) TV’s are a giant leap forward for screen technology. As the name suggests, this format makes use of ‘organic’ materials, like carbon, to create light. Unlike their counterparts, OLED TV doesn’t make use of a backlight to illuminate the set area. OLED screens are thus super thin and flexible, as it doesn’t have any external light.


Colours and contrasts are much better on OLED TV’s, as individual areas can be lit up directly. In general, these TV sets are thinner, more flexible, processes images faster, creates deeper colour, and has a crisper contrast. OLED TV’s can be expensive, but is worth every cent. The LG 65-inch(165cm) Smart OLED TV creates astonishingly accurate and wide colour range, has a quad core processor, and delivers a truly cinematic experience at home with 4K Cinemas HDR.