Top 3 Television Brands in South Africa

by Hifi Corp 3 June 2019

When it comes to choosing a television, the options are quite literally endless, which can make the process quite daunting. How do you narrow it down and ensure you're making the best purchase possible for you?


Whether it's for news, sports, gaming or entertainment, having a TV has become quite synonymous with our daily lives. And, the options for TV's are as varied as the things you can do or watch on this device. From having to pick out the size of the TV to deciphering the meanings of acronyms like HD, LED, UHD, it can get quite overwhelming finding the right fit. As with everything in life, the proof is in the pudding, walk into any store and you'll immediately see the differences between the different TV's, from which is the smallest, most slim, to the picture quality. So, after you've decoded the jargon, it's always a good idea to shop around and literally see what's out there.


The top three brands in South Africa at the moment, due to quite a number of factors - including the display quality and consumer reviews, are LG, Samsung, and Hisense.


Korean producer, Samsung, is often hailed as a world leader in consumer products and accessories. Their TVs are no exception, providing excellent picture quality and quite a number of LED TV options. Their QLED Smart TVs are hailed as their best at the moment.


LG is quite popular due to its massive production and distribution scale of not just consumer electronics and appliances, but TVs as well. Their highly rated TV right now is their OLED Smart TV, a step up from the highly acclaimed LED range. LG is also a world leader in producing large LCD panels, even Samsung sources from them.


Hisense is actually the top-selling brand in South Africa, with its range of affordable TVs that offer amazing picture quality.


An honorable mention also goes out to Skyworth, which seems to be taking the local market by storm with their high-value, smart TV offers. Innovation that has already earned the brand a spot in the top five biggest manufacturers of televisions globally.


Other brands to note are Sansui, Sinotec, JVC, Panasonic, to mention just a few. 

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