The JBL Partybox 1000 Bluetooth Speaker - The Ultimate Party Machine

There are parties, and then there are JBL parties, and the life of these parties is none other than the JBL Partybox 1000 Bluetooth Speaker - the ultimate party machine. With this bad boy by your side, you can bring any party to life.

First off, of course, it's a JBL speaker, so you know their signature sound definitely comes to the party, and boy does it show off. This speaker is not called the ultimate party machine for nothing. You are in for a treat - with premium sound and an authentic audio experience that will stay with you long after the party has died down, if it has to. More than being a Bluetooth speaker, the JBL Partybox 1000 Speaker also comes with a USB playback feature. Now you can pre-program your party or event with your favorite playlist from a USB thumb drive and just simply rock out when the time comes. Add to that full paneling lighting effects for the ultimate lights show. I mean, is it even a party if no one brings the disco lights? This JBL speaker has that covered.

Other great add-ins are the built-in USB charging ports, because every rookie DJ needs to have their phone charged to keep the party going. There's also a DJ launchpad that allows you to play drums, guitar, and piano, and to record and loop on the fly, not to mention the mic input that was definitely made for karaoke. Still need more sound for your December vibes? Add more speakers to the party with Bluetooth functionality that allows you to connect compatible Bluetooth speakers wirelessly or wired via RCA output to another. Another feature we didn't know we needed until now is the handle and concealed wheels that make it easier to transport the JBL PartyBox 1000. A classic case of "if you won't go to the party, then this box will definitely bring it to you".  Did we mention that this speaker looks as good as it sounds? It will definitely complement any location of choice.

As far as Bluetooth speakers and portable speakers go, this one is right up there with the best. However, if you're a bit of a lightweight and not so young anymore but still have that inner party animal within, you can tone it down a little with the much lighter version, the JBL Partybox 100 Bluetooth speaker. Still just as loud but within reasonable adulting limits.

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