The Evolution Of Handsets

The evolution of handsets

by Hifi Corp 1 April 2019

The evolution of handsets has been a monumental one, with the market bursting at the seams with new and fresh gadgets but let’s take a step back on how it all began.


Most handsets were considered car phones as they were too large to be carried, until in 1973, mobile giant Motorola created the very first cellphone. Soon the cellphone was seen as a symbol of pop culture, making its appearance in films and music videos, thus making it an expensive entity to own. This attracted the business world, marking the handset as the key to success for corporate players.

As the market grew, significant features such as voicemail became huge buying factors, and before we knew it, handsets could now control the temperature in your home, switch on your car, or even run a bank from the tip of your finger. We all love a good notebook, but cellphones are making that transition from just talking on the phone, to running a business. This has made the cellphone part of our daily functioning needs, instead of a casual device that may be left at home. Handset manufacturers are also expanding the industry and are increasing  functionality, almost eliminating the need for things such as cameras, speakers, and in some cases, TV’s.


However with this developing movement, how far is too far? Are we moving too fast with the technology and evidently, starting an addiction to our handsets. Instead of jumping out of bed and getting ready for the day, first thing most users do is reach for their phone and check in to the world and what’s happening on social media. As great as the advancements may have been, what can be done to cap the use and re-create a healthy usage of one of our greatest inventions?

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