Tech Must-Haves To Work From Home

Working from home has forced us to become acquainted with tech and platforms that make remote working seamless. In addition to creating a workspace that pushes our productivity to the highest level it’s important to compliment workstations with the necessary tech to make workflow so much easier. Having a smart home doesn’t only start and end with high-end fancy gadgets but also a simple and easy home network that allows you to share files across multiple platforms and devices making sure you stay connected and top of your game at all times. These are our tech must-haves for all your work from home needs!

  1. Laptop

A workspace is not as efficient without a laptop. A laptop is not only portable and extremely user-friendly but is also compatible with popular programs, apps, and video-conference platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype – keeping you in the loop and connected with your team and colleagues at all times. It’s important to keep in mind that online conferencing and other new methods of communication have become a vital part of the workplace in recent times.

  1. Networking

Give your laptop a fast and reliable connection! Setting up a wireless connection in your home or office lets you get online quick and easily and is a great way to stay connected. Most laptops come with a wireless network adapter already installed ensuring you connect to your wireless network hassle-free. Did you know that connecting multiple computers in a network can be a convenient way to share files? With so many file-sharing services available, make your collaborative efforts with colleagues easier by equipping your home with the perfect laptop and networking device.

  1. Printer

Make complicated printing a thing of the past! All-in-one printers make printing, scanning and copying easy. The Canon Pixma is an affordable printer with smart connectivity that allows you to print from anywhere from your smart device, Wi-Fi camera or the cloud. Having your own at-home printer is a great way to make printing more personal, convenient and reliable giving you more space to express yourself while staying on top of your file and document needs.

  1. Storage

Running out of storage space on your laptop is not just an inconvenience but can slow it down too. Luckily, adding more storage to a laptop is easy! Add a hard drive, solid state drive, external drive or even use cloud storage to free up some space. With an increasing workload it’s important to fix all your storage problems and get your laptop running smoothly for better workflow.

  1. Tablet

Tablets provide computing capabilities, run software and perform other tasks. Tablets are more portable, lightweight and can fit in a purse or small bag making it easy for you to take your work with you wherever you go. So, if you’re anxiously waiting for that last e-mail but are worried about switching off your laptop, synch your e-mail account to your tablet and connect your device to your home network and keep up with all communication.