Taking The Load For You

by Hifi Corp 1 April 2019

Our generation has to be the busiest generation that ever lived. We go to work, train hard in the gym, pick up the kids from school, cook dinner, prepare lunch. Then there are guilty pleasures such as Netflix and social media. Where do you find time to wash clothes?


This is where washing machines come in. With the help of detergents, they do their magic by separating the dirt from the clothes, and rinsing it away. They take the load for you - pun intended. But how do you choose which laundry product to choose? What is a lop loader? What is a front loader?


Front Loaders are generally more energy efficient and use less detergent than their counterparts, when using warm water. This can be attributed to their horizontal drum that uses gravity to tumble the clothes. They also use significantly less water, have higher spin speeds for efficient drying, create minimal lint, have additional cycle option, and is typically much quieter.


On the other hand, front loaders tend to have much longer cycle times, could be more expensive (except when buying it from us of course), generally have smaller load capacity, and are often unable to add more clothes mid-wash.


Our pick:  Defy 8kg Front Loader Metallic DW378


Top Loaders have much faster cycle times due to the clothes constantly being immersed in water. They are generally more energy efficient when washing in cold water. Other advantages include larger load capacity, a better response to fabric softeners, and give you the option to add more clothes mid-cycle.


As with anything in life, there are a few disadvantages when buying a top loader. Firstly, they can create a significant amount of lint when washing your clothes due to the friction of clothes. Even though they can be energy efficient with cold water, top loaders use considerably more water and detergent. Top loaders are also usually louder.


Our pick: Hisense 13kg Top Loader Washing Machine Silver WTX1302S


Conclusion: If you are single, a couple, want to be kinder to the environment, and simply want to be cost effective in the long run, go for the top loader. Moreover, if you are a bigger household, consider the top loader, but don’t discard the front loader.

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