Staying Warm This Winter Without Breaking The Bank

Staying safe & indoors is everyone's priority at the moment and as the weather gets colder and nights get longer, it’s important to stay warm and make sure time spent indoors is comfortable as possible.

Dressing warm is but one of many ways to keep warm and snap back at the cold, but, what type of clothing should you go for? Dressing in layers and wearing a hat, gloves and scarf is a start. Clothes made from wool, cotton or fleecy are the warmest. When you're indoors make sure you wear warm socks and slippers to keep your feet cosy – compliment your cosy at-home clothing by snuggling and staying warm with a heater such as the Goldair 2000W Quartz Heater the 4-sided panel heating and 4-heat settings will add much-needed warmth to any room.

Maintaining your room temperature goes a long way in regulate the heat around the house. However, if you can’t heat all the rooms, try heating the living room during the day and the bedroom just before bedtime. Once in bed, use either a hot water bottle or an electric blanket to keep warm.

The need for continuous warmth and heat increases the chances of running up your electricity bill. While it’s important to keep warm, it’s also important to follows some basic electricity saving tips. The best way to start saving on your electricity costs is to get smart with how you use electricity; make sure you turn off unnecessary lights and use natural light or solar-charged lighting, unplug unused electronics and minimise use of electronics. Ditch the desktop computer switch to a laptop.

With everyone cooped inside as it gets colder, this can lead to the feeling of stuffiness. Having a Zen Air purifier promotes healthy air & hydrates the air while offering a relaxing scent. Breathe easy & give your home that comfortable feeling with a Zen Air purifier.

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