Protect Yourself By Reading The Terms & Conditions, Always

by Hifi Corp 3 September 2019


Sometimes you just want to buy a pair of headphones without feeling like you're going through a 12-step process, and terms and conditions tend to fall into this category. It's not always fun to go through all the clauses in the terms and conditions, let alone process all that jargon. There's always something else on your to-do list, and I mean, you just want to buy a small item like a charging socket or extension cord, it’s not that deep, right? Who needs all these lessons and that much reading for such a small thing? The answer is you, always. It's about protecting yourself and ensuring you're not getting the short end of the stick later when the person on the other end of the line tells you, "It's written in the terms and conditions." You get to feel more empowered and equipped to get yourself that TV, knowing just how protected you are by the agreement you’re getting into.

“T's and C's apply” is not a statement to be taken lightly, and it protects you in the long run to spend that extra 10 or 15 minutes going through what the service you're getting yourself into entails. Recently bought a washing machine? Did you know that damage caused by an object such as a button or coin is not covered under warranty? Granted, it's a very basic example, but now you know to be extra careful when doing your laundry, taking care of your appliances and your interests in the same breath. Do not skip past those terms and conditions.

The great thing about most T's & C's is that they are pretty standard and always there, unless promotion or product specific. You can always take the time to go through them at your leisure, even before getting that sleek Samsung side-by-side fridge with a water dispenser that you've always wanted. You can always do your price check and shopping around, and also read the terms while you’re at it.

You deserve to be protected, and to always get the best out of your purchase, from insurance to warranty and repairs. Empower yourself by taking in all the information at your disposal.