Music and Photographic Festivals

by Hifi Corp 12 May 2019

Music festivals have become an exciting and fun filled event that bring together different walks of life that have one common love and appreciation, Music and Photographic moments . However, what has caused the once free flowing and life changing experience into a multi-billion rand phenomenon?


While festivals first originated in the sixth century in the Pythian Games (yes, music is as old as the Olympics) as part of the competitions held in the athletic arena. This developed over the centuries with the distinct event becoming most noticeable in the 50s and 60s as a gathering of music and audio lovers, with the likes of Jimi Hendrix pelting out classic jams and musical masterpieces to thousands of undying fans. This grew slowly as music festivals turned from one day affairs to weekly events that allowed different genres to showcase the best of their musical and photographic crafts to millions of people.


In modern times, model festivals such as Woodstock are still as popular as ever, while culture shaping festivals such Coachella, Tomorrowland, and even our local Oppikoppi and Rocking the Daisies have created a marvelling climax to what’s hip and happening on Apple iTunes. Festival goers are now becoming seasoned photographers, with the use of top of the line cameras used to create exceptional and memorable moments. This has in turn created a multi-billion rand industry that has no intention of slowing down. If anything, today’s festival sells the experience of belonging and creates a euphoria of being able to post on Instagram, rather than the acts that the festivals pull. With exception of Beyoncé of course.


However, due to the ever-growing acts of theft and general safety, others are opting to stay at home and would rather purchase high quality and affordable cameras, camera accessories, and tech speakers from popular electronics stores like HiFi Corp. More and more people are keeping up with current trends, but are also given the option to switch off the music, put down the camera, and quieten down their space. The options are always endless, but one thing is always certain. Music and photography will always mean something and will always uplift and bring everything together, good or bad.

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