Let’s Throw It Back

by Hifi Corp 1 May 2019

While we love the idea that everything is simply a click away, let us walk down memory lane and remember when things used to be simple.


As technology advances every day, the simplest of tasks has been taken over by buttons, screens, and automated services. Today a fridge beeps when you leave the door open and notifies you that you are low on water and ice. Back in the day, it was the shout of your mother that notified you that you have left the door open and let her find out that you forgot to fill the ice tray. Today, fridges can even notify you of your dietary requirements and when it’s time to re-stock the fridge. 


What about TVs? There was a time we had to get up to change the channel and then find the TV aerial and position it until the picture was just right. Sure, you looked like a ninja doing it, but the joy of getting the picture just right is almost as euphoric as watching your favourite TV show. If you were born in the 90s, you were a part of the generation that could only watch certain channels until 5pm which then the channel was switched off.


Imagine missing out on the program, today we have the comfort of purchasing devices from HiFi Corp, such as DStv Explorer to record and watch TV on, but back then, you had to run to the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom during ad breaks, and if you heard the theme music coming back on, you would sprint like a gazelle while your siblings screamed “It’s Back!”. If you were fortunate, you would use VCR to do all of your recordings but the admin was tedious.


As we look back, we discover that we have truly lived a moderate and easy life. Despite it all, we have always welcomed technology. What would you do without your laptopSmart TV, or even modern washing machine? Not only do they make life easier, they take out the hard work of everyday and leave you with time for the things that really do matter.

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