Headphones vs Earphones

by HiFi Corp 9 July 2019

Anyone who loves listening to music on the go can probably relate to the dilemma of having to choose between headphones and earphones. Maybe not back in the day when the options were pretty limited and some mobile devices didn’t even come with earphones. Nowadays, the options are pretty much endless. You are bombarded with a variety to choose from, from brand-specific options to the type of headphones or earphones that match your needs and your budget. From the ones specialized for music, like the Beats headphones range which boasts premium sound technology, to ones specifically tailored for sports and people who are active like the JBL waterproof BT earphones range with a wireless neckband and power hook, these options have become even more streamlined to cater to very specific tastes.


The most important thing to be on the lookout for, whatever you choose, is the speaker quality. The great thing about this is, it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, with brands like Volkano, Amplify or Panasonic, you get the quality sound you need, at great prices. Then, as the price bracket starts going up, the features get even more premium, longer battery life, quicker charging times, noise canceling, Bluetooth and wireless technology, you get more for your money. We love the Sony and JBL range in this regard, they also offer pure bass sound and hands-free calls, all in a lightweight design.

The great thing about earphones is that when it comes to price, they are generally cheaper than headphones, across all brands. The cables and wires that can be sometimes annoying are also optional nowadays as brands like Beats, Volkano and JBL offer a more user-friendly wireless option with their earphones range. Other great add-ons to modern earphones are the spare silicone ear tips that you can switch up depending on the size you want. If you prefer completely wireless technology, then headphones are the way to go.

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