Game On - Our Favourite Gadgets And Games Out At The Moment

by Hifi Corp 3 September 2019

Gone are the days when playtime had an age limit. Now, with the right gadgets and games by your side, anyone can get their game on. The new gaming and toys tech coming out nowadays is not only innovative and fun, it’s also great to both work and play with. We love these games and gadgets at the moment, whenever you want to unwind and have a great time, or to even mix business with pleasure:

Drones are great for those aerial shots that are not only aesthetically pleasing but will help you tell the best stories. Play around with an entry level drone until you get the hang of it or get one that's slightly more advanced but still beginner friendly. The Voyager Cyclone Drone not only captures everything in High Definition, with its 2.0MP Camera and 720P HD video, it also has headless mode, precise hovering and is capable of 360° flips in any direction thanks to the latest 6-Axis adjustable gyroscope technology it's fitted with. This snazzy toy is also great for beginners so don't be shy. Try it out.

When it comes to gaming and consoles, the battle has always been between the PlayStation and XBox. Each product has its own merits, and, let's face it, whichever you choose, the winning takes place once you get your hands on that console and tackle all your favourite games. Both offer HDMI inputs, WiFi connectivity and access to 100s of games. The XBox 1 has been hailed as the only console with 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, 4K video streaming and HDR, if you're looking for stunning picture quality on your games, while the PlayStation 4 is quite slim, quieter and more energy efficient. It's also great if you're not a pro gamer but love a good game now and then. There's also a PlayStation 4 Pro on its way that offers 4K viewing, for the PlayStation fan looking for great picture quality who doesn't mind waiting. You also get to choose to get either of these products in different colours, black and white for the XBox, and black, white, silver and gold for the PlayStation, depending on your preferences. Add an unlimited library of games with the world's best graphics, and you've scored anyway, whichever of these consoles you choose to spoil yourself with.

Don’t forget to accessorize your toys with our wide range of gaming accessories, get some friends and family together, and have a ball.

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