DVD Players - Two Decades of Great Entertainment


It's been over 2 decades since the DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) player first made its way onto the entertainment scene, and what a time it's been. From transitioning from the VHS and Cassette tapes to this compact disc that offered so much access and convenience, not to mention great picture quality. Needless to say, life hasn't been the same since. Not only could the DVD media format be used to store movies and shows, you could boot a computer from the software in a disc, backup important files, store pictures, get your favourite games, and even burn DVDs of the most special occasions. There really was no stopping this movement.

Then along came the BluRay player, offering even better picture quality and taking over where the DVD player left off. So many things started moving over to it, and currently, most games only come in BluRay format. But this still did not bring the reign of the DVD player to an end. Now, modern DVD players come with all the trimmings and convenience required by modern TVs and devices, offering HDMI, USB, and the good old CD and DVD input options, proving that, with the right amount of adapting and moving with the times, you get to stick around for longer.

Now, with the era of the internet and all things going online, streaming services are slowly but surely taking over. The jury is out on how long the DVD player will last with these new players on board, and what kind of changes and adaptations they can make without having to bow out gracefully and let the new kids take over. But, whatever happens, you'll always find a DVD player for you at HiFi Corp. Check out our wide range today, from the stand-alone players that only need a TV and an audio/visual connection cable, to micro Hi-Fi’s and Home Theatre systems, we have a DVD player for every taste.

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