Coffee Machines

by Hifi Corp 18 June 2019

Whether it's for health reasons or that much-needed caffeine boost, coffee is a beverage loved and enjoyed by many. Nothing beats that aroma and rich taste, and, when done just right, it can quite literally make your day.

So, let's talk coffee machines. Because every great drink, whether shaken, stirred, or brewed, needs just the right amount of preparation.

First off, let's talk about the type of coffee you want to make. You can either choose beans or capsules. Capsules are convenient because you simply insert them in the capsule coffee maker and get your cup. With beans, you get to choose between ground beans or grind them yourself. If you choose to grind them yourself, it's a great convenience if you can also use the coffee grinder for something else. The Russel Hobbs Coffee Grinder is also suitable for nuts, herbs, and grains.

Once you've selected your coffee type, it's time to make your cup. For value for money and just sticking to the basics, the Sansui 12-cup coffee maker is a great choice. Not only do you get more cups out of it, it also has a hot plate to keep your coffee as hot as when you had your first cup. For capsules, the Sunbeam capsule coffee maker or the Russel Hobbs capsule coffee maker are great options, depending on your budget. We also have a wide range of Vida coffee capsules for you, all you need to do is just pick what tickles your tastebuds.

If you like your coffee with all the trimmings, then you should invest in a milk frother. Or go all out and treat yourself with the Russel Hobbs Cafe Barista one-touch coffee maker. This machine is the ultimate in coffee brewing, with its built-in milk frother and one-touch technology. You can also brew two cups at the same time with this bad boy.

Explore more of our coffee making options and kickstart your day the right way.


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