Clash of The Computers

by Hifi Corp 9 April 2019

2019 is a great time to purchase a personal computer. The big question is usually whether you should go for a desktop or notebook.

By the end of the article you will, hopefully, know which option to go with.


1. Desktop

Desktops are personal computers that is stationed at a fixed location. This type of computer is generally an assembly of a computer. They usually contain a computer case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cord. You can, however, purchase an all-in-one models, such as the HP All In One i3 Desktop.

The HP Celeron Desktop, like most offerings, is the best choice for multitasking, as multitasking on laptops could increase your CPU usage to 100% - significantly reducing your performance. Desktops offer the benefit of leaving your computer running for days, maybe over a weekend, without running down the battery. Desktops also offer affordability when it comes to repairs and upgrading the whole system.

Unless you have a car, or three sets of arms, desktops can’t be moved easily. When you purchase it, you place it on your desk, and Bob’s your uncle. Desktops also tend to take up  lot more space.

Conclusion: Desktops are great for home offices, businesses, graphic designers, programmers, or anyone that needs CPU power.


2. Notebook

Notebooks are compact, portable desktops. They are smaller, but still contain a hard drive, disk drive (sometimes), monitor, wireless modem, keyboard, and mouse (the track pad), a camera, and microphone in a single unit.

Nowadays, notebooks are extremely lightweight. This makes a notebook an effective on-the-go tool. Notebooks are easily moved around (portable) and can effortlessly connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. Offerings such as the Lenovo Yoga 520 I5 2-1 offer flexibility, as you can easily flip into tablet or tent mode for all your entertainment needs.

Unless you work from home, or can find a convenient power source while on the move, notebooks have a limited battery life. While they are very flexible when it comes to satisfying your work, play and entertainment needs, notebooks are generally not suited for multitasking. This is due to their CPU, Memory, and Disk not being as good as desktops. There are also certain limitations when it comes to upgrading your notebook. Notebooks can also be on the expensive sides, but devices such as the i-Life Zed Air 2 Celeron Notebook or Asus Vivobook Max Celeron Notebook offer a lot of power for less.

Conclusion: If you are a student, entrepreneur on the move, or simply just move from room to room, or building to building, go for a notebook!

Choose your next computer wisely. Choose HiFi Corp.


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