by Hifi Corp 5 April 2019

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of blenders, and the people who will benefit from using a blender.


1. Handheld Blender

Handheld blenders, such as the Sansui 600W Hand Blender, has a swirling blade located at the bottom. It might not be as powerful as other blenders, but is easier to use and much more portable.

This type of blender is preferred by chefs and bakers. Because it can be handled like an egg-beater, it is ideal for mixing flour and eggs. Older people, or anyone who loves soup, can blend their favourite soup. Mothers will also benefit from using the Diamond 300W Hand Blender to make healthy and fresh puree for their little one.


2. General Purpose Base Blender

The most common, and well known, blender in the market is the general-purpose type. These range in price, from the budget friendly Mellerware Fusion Jug Blender to the stylish Russell Hobbs Smoothie Blender They usually have various speed options, have a steady base and come with a pitcher-like container on top.

This type of blender is perfect for most people and occasions because it’s so versatile. They are commonly used to make smoothies. They are also great for vegetarians, as it can be used to make butter, soups, and even veggie meat! Coffee lovers can make their favourite frappe, and mothers can spoil their family with delicious milkshakes.


3. Compact Blender

Compact blenders, such as the Russell Hobbs Nutriblend,is perfect for individuals trying to maintain a balanced diet with a busy lifestyle. The portable drinking cups that attached to the blenders, and the keep fresh lids, make transporting your smoothies easier. They also, usually, come with two or three BPA free travel bottles.

This type of blenders extracts the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste, and even enzymes from foods. They also seal in the nutrients, thus preventing unwanted bacteria. This type of blender is ideal for health-conscious people, the gym-junky, and anyone on the move. You can also do more than create delicious shakes and smoothies. Make delicious juices, soups, purees and even grind coffee.


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