Big Brands

by Hifi Corp 31 March 2020

When looking to get your hands on a new appliance or TV a lot of factors come into play – you might look at the product’s longevity, price tag, warranty and even wear and tear. No matter which of these factors play a huge role in your final purchase, we’re proud to say you’ll definitely walk away with the perfect product from your favourite brands.

A leader in refrigeration, washers, cooking and small appliances, Defy offers the widest range of high quality and innovative technology giving you more bang for your buck! A lot of factors contribute to an appliance’s wear and tear and with the perfect technology geared at slowing down the course you have yourself a winner. The Defy 555lt Side-by-Side Fridge’s NeoCool – Superior frost free technology stops the build-up of ice, meaning you'll never have to defrost your appliance saving you time and effort. An added bonus to the 5 – year warranty is the antibacterial door seal which prevents the accumulation of bacteria, improving hygiene and shielding both the fridge and freezer compartments making your appliance a part of your home for years.

Designed for the ultimate viewing experience, Samsungs TV range offers cutting-edge innovation featuring powerful sound, remarkable picture quality and all-round connectivity. It is no secret that big moments need a big screen and the bigger the screen the pricier it gets. However, we must say, Samsung TVs are worth every penny and it is almost impossible to find a TV that is not suited to your needs. The Samsung 55-inch (139cm) Smart UHD LED TV’s natural colours deliver details as crisp as the real thing for a more colourful viewing experience! With Smart TV functionality you can connect to Amazon, Google, and Apple for a seamless and connected lifestyle that goes beyond the TV’s 24-month warranty. 


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