Back to University Must Haves

by HIFI Corporation 16 January 2020

After all the fun, rest and vacations that you have had during the holidays, it is now time to shift your focus back to University. Your success is important to you and at HiFi Corp your success is important to us too. This is why we have Back to University Must Haves that will make your transition back to school a smooth one, while providing you with the tools that will make your journey to a successful year easier at the best prices.


Kitchen Appliances to Have

If you have decided to stay at Res there are certain appliances that are very important to have, and these will make your stay a comfortable one. Kitchen appliances are essential as you will have to make sure that you are well fed to stay focused and achieve those distinctions. A mini oven hotplate is a must have as this is a portable stove that will allow you to cook all your favourite meals after a long day, the Defy 30lt Mini Oven Hotplate Black MOH9328B, is a very affordable hotplate oven that will assist you in cooking up a meal that will end your day on a high. We know that you will not always have the time to cook a meal daily as University can be very demanding, so while you are busy with all your tests and assignments you are able to reheat meals that you have previously cooked or heat ready-made meals that you have bought with the Defy 20lt Manual Microwave Metallic DMO368. A cup of coffee may be necessary when you have a long day or night of studying, therefore you will need the Sansui 1.7lt Corded Kettle SSK02, that will make sure that you have the much needed cup of coffee that you will need. Snacks are very important when you have a long assignment to do so in this case a bar fridge would be essential to keep all your snacks ready for when you need them. Furthermore, it is also important to note that all your cooking ingredients will also be kept in there until you are ready to use them. The Defy 94lt Bar Fridge White B4802W, will give you enough space for all the snacks and ingredients that you would need to store.


Small Appliances to Have

Among all the stress and pressure that University produces, you will always find the time to make sure that you and your place of residence look presentable at all times. HiFi Corp provides you with an iron like the Mellerware Glide Steam Iron 23120 and the JOST Steel Wire Ironing Board 02A, that will make sure that you look ready for success whenever you set foot on campus. The weather is always changing and even though the weather is unpredictable, you can be ready for all types of weather with the Sansui 40cm Desk Fan White SDF40 and the Goldair 800W Quartz Heater GQH100G. It will never be too cold or too hot for you in your pursuit of the distinctions that you work hard for.


Study Equipment to Have

Assignments are important in University and to ensure that you produce the highest quality of work to get the best possible mark, you will need the best computing that HiFi Corp has to offer. Getting the Connex Trend Book 14-inch 2 32 Notebook, will assist you in producing work that will get you that distinction while also providing note taking tools that you can use during lectures. Your notebook will be used to study at home too, so you will need a chair and study desk like the Linx Alaska Work Desk and the Linx Sleek High Back Chair Black to make sure that you have a designated space where you have all your study material organised, making it a comfortable space to lock in get your distinctions.

Being a University student is not easy but having all the necessary equipment that will make your journey a successful one is very important to us at HiFi Corp, that is why providing you with University Must Haves is a priority because we care about you and your success.


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