3 Ways of Cooking it Old School

by Hifi Corp 3 May 2019

South Africa is a very special country. We have unique cultures. We have a variety of languages. We definitely have unique situations, such as load shedding.

Load shedding can be unpredictable at times. Here are 3 ways you can fill your family’s belly without binging on take-aways.


1.  The Good Old Braai

Do you even need an excuse to braai? Sure, it won’t be the same atmosphere in the dark but nothing beats the smell of meat cooking on a traditional braai stand. The Metalix Large Stainless Steel 402 Braai stand is a household favourite around the country. This sturdy and portable braai unit comes in stainless steel and a large grid to maximise the cooking area. It’s easy to cook an entire meal on the braai. Think boerie rolls, mielies, potatoes, roast vegetables, and even fish!


2. No Charcoal? Give it gas!

Yes, we know this isn’t the real South African way to braai, but a gas braai can be handy. The Sunbeam Gas Braai 3+2 Burner comes with two wheels, making it a convenient to use anywhere. Using a gas braai is eco-friendly, may be safer at times, and is easier to use. This is due to the temperature control knobs available. A gas braai also gives you more options, as you can cook a variety of meats and side dishes (including stir-fry).


3. Enjoy a Wholesome Potjie

Not in the mood for braai meat? Looking for a whole, nutritious meal option? If you have the time, then a potjie is a must! An essential accessory for the keen potjie cooker is the Metalix Potjie Braai. This carbon steel braai, with a heat resistant finish, is suitable for potjies up to size 4. A potjie is a great option for Sunday lunch, and gives you the widest variety of options.

Whatever the occasion, whatever method you choose, we will make sure you feed your family when load shedding strikes.